How to enter router settings


Entering the router’s settings can be an interesting way to improve the Wi-Fi connection. Brands like TP-Link, D-Link, Multilaser, Intelbras, among others, promise a simple interface that can be used even by less experienced users. There, it is possible to change the network password, see who is connected to find out if there are intruders, in addition to changing the channel or activating functions such as QoS to improve the signal. The procedure can be performed by the computer’s browser or cell phone via wireless network or by connecting the PC directly to the router using a cable. See how to enter router settings below.

By the computer
The access to the router panel by the PC is directly through the browser. To do this, you need to find out the device’s IP and login data. The information varies according to the manufacturer, and follows a factory standard – unless the user has already made changes.

Step 1. Make sure the computer is connected to Wi-Fi and open the browser. Enter the router’s IP in the address bar and press “Enter” to access the device’s control panel;

Step 2. Enter the input data on the login screen. If it is your first access, follow the factory pattern indicated in the table above;

By cell phone
On the phone, it is also possible to access the settings interface through the browser. Fill in the search bar with the router’s IP and login data, like the step by step for computer;

On the smartphone, it is also possible to access the router controls through the manufacturers’ own applications. The advantage here is the ease of use, since the interface is usually more intuitive and the login, simplified. Among the brands that offer this type of software are D-Link, with mydlink, TP-Link, which offers Tether, Intelbras, through Wi-Fi Control Home, and Multilaser, which brings Cosmo to Mesh routers. Once logged in, the user can choose to enter the password every time they log in, release access via fingerprint, or simply open the app and start using it.


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