Ensures that the space of the SSD is “sufficient”


The console’s new SSD hard drive has 825GB of space, but only 664GB can be used. The new generation of consoles are characterized by their ultra-fast hard drives. The new PS5 SSD, a custom piece of hardware, will include 825GB of internal storage. Of course, part of that space is occupied by the operating system and other programs, so players will have about 664 GB of free space at their disposal. Given the current size of video games, which in cases like Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War or Modern Warfare exceed 100 GB, the question is mandatory. It’s enough? According to Jim Ryan, CEO of PlayStation, yes it is.

This is what he assures in an interview with the British medium The Telegraph. “We will of course watch what happens when people take their PlayStation out of the box and start using it, but we think it will be fine. Naturally, we monitor the use of the PS4 hard drive microscopically ”, so everything seems to indicate that it will be enough. The PS5’s SSD allows you to load games faster, even those of the previous generation of consoles. Therefore, the loading times have almost blurred in many cases.

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S have also opted for SSD hard drives. When it comes to storage, the former offers 802GB on a 1TB device, while the latter stays at 364GB despite being completely digital. Mount a 500GB hard drive. It remains to be seen how the generation develops, but there will always be the option to delete.

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Long live PS4

Despite the fact that Sony has defended that it believes in generational leaps, it will not abandon PS4 to its fate either. In fact, they have promised that they will support it until at least 2022, so titles like Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales or Horizon: Forbidden West will come out on both platforms. What is not clear is what will happen to the new God of War. Jim Ryan himself has declined to confirm a possible PS4 version.

PS5 will go on sale on November 19 in the Spanish market.


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