Enriches Instagram homepage with suggested posts


It seems that Instagram has found a new method to maintain users’ addiction. In the application, after users see all of the content on the main page, they encounter the contents offered under the title of Recommended Posts.

Suggested Posts appear before users after the “You’ve See All” message. The social network presented the message two years ago as a measure against addiction. However, in the intervening period, Instagram’s need to stay strong in competition with TikTok seems to outweigh the warning against social media addiction.

Under the Recommended Posts heading, users will see ads as well as automatic recommendations. Speaking to TechCrunch, Instagram’s product director Robby Stein stated that this feature is due to the users’ desire to see more shares even if their streams run out.

However, it is worth noting that it is not easy to distinguish TikTok from this new Instagram feature. TikTok’s home page learns users’ habits over time and offers them content they can like without following anyone. Thanks to this feature, TikTok managed to connect its users during the quarantine period. So it seems logical for Instagram to use TikTok’s weapon to fight TikTok.

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