Enough of renders! Intel finally publishes real photos of the Alder Lake CPU


In recent months Intel’s 12th generation CPUs belonging to the ‘Alder Lake‘ family have had a series of leaks and rumors circulated, suggesting their possible performance against their competitors, as well as concept images that indicated the possible construction of the component.


As the launch event approaches we have new details unveiled by the manufacturer, who this week finally showed their fans real footage of Alder Lake.

The content was posted by Gregory M. Bryant, executive vice president, general manager, Intel, on his official Twitter profile showing an engineer holding two Alder Lake CPUs evidencing the top and bottom of the processor.

The images are similar to the first engineering samples that appeared in late 2020 and revealed the supposed construction of the new Intel processors. These are the first real photos of the component, which had renderings developed by the manufacturer a few weeks ago.

The expectation is that Alder Lake will be announced on October 28 during the innovation event promoted by Intel, which should introduce the public to the 12th generation of the company’s processors and make available official information that may or may not confirm the various leaks that have been released in recent months.

Although the announcement takes place in the last week of this month, availability is likely to start only from November 4th, a date that has been revised at least three times in the past few days.

What are your expectations for Alder Lake? Looking forward to the release? Tell us, comment!


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