Enora Malagré (TPMP) in a relationship with a young man!


In an interview with Elle, Enora Malagré, a former TPMP columnist, spoke about being with a man younger than her.

Despite the fact that she is no longer part of the Touche band not at my post (TPMP), Enora Malagré continues to be talked about. Indeed, she has just passed the 40-year mark, which she lives quite poorly, and has been in a relationship for over a year with a man younger than her.

A fact that worries the pretty blonde. She would be afraid that her companion would leave her to go find a young lady in a few years. In any case, this is what she suggested during her interview with Evelyn Thomas on November 10:

“I saw it very, very badly. I have real Peter Pan syndrome. Brigitte Macron opened the ball, I did the same. I am immature and he is mature. But mine nothing, I panic. Isn’t he going to leave for a young lady at some point? ”

Especially since Enora Malagré suffers from endometriosis and therefore has very little chance of having a child. This could pose big concerns in her relationship. Despite everything, even though she knows it will be very hard, she is confident and ensures that she will become a mother in the future:

“I joined the circle of women who stand up, who dare to testify. And I too will give life. My child will be my king, my queen. I may not have worn him, but I will raise him, cherish him, arm him so that he can defend himself. ”


As we were used to seeing when she was on TPMP, Enora Malagré is not the type to let himself down, on the contrary. She proves it by her words and her determination. In fact, according to Elle, she would have immediately told her problem to her new man, as Purepeople relays:

“I remember that dinner where I met my companion, curator at the Palais de Tokyo. The crisis [of endometriosis, editor’s note] came suddenly. I told him about it, and right away I gave him access to my privacy – and not the best part of mine! ”

Enora Malagré, adding: “I am also lucky to have come across a gentle, strong and attentive man who accompanies me. But it is not easy to live with this disease as a couple “.

We hope this couple will last. According to Enora Malagré’s words, her boyfriend would do her a lot of good. Therefore, everyone wishes this story to continue for a long time!


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