Enola Holmes 2 villains would have already been chosen!


The villain of the movie Enola Holmes with Millie Bobby Brown would have already been chosen! We give you more details.

We already know who will be the villain of the movie Enola Holmes with actress Millie Bobby Brown!

On September 23, we discovered the young actress from Stranger Things in the film Enola Holmes. Millie Bobby Brown then appears in the skin of the younger sister of Sherlock Holmes.

In fact, she gives the answer to Henry Cavill, who plays the big brother. In this new film from Netflix, we discover the young woman in the shoes of a detective who tries to find her missing mother.

In the cast, Sam Caflin and Helena Bonham play the brother and mother, respectively, of Enola Holmes. The film was a great success and fans were asking for more.

Well, rest assured, it looks like a second part of the film is in production. If rumors are to be believed, the villain of Enola Holmes 2 has even already been cast!

So, for this second installment, Netflix hopes to bring Professor James Moriarty into the plot. The latter will therefore be the villain of the new Enola Holmes.

Millie Bobby Brown will thus keep the same role as in the first chapter. And Henry Cavill should also come back in the shoes of Sherlock Holmes.

In fact, the latter is known to be a little older in books. But with the interpretation of the young actor, we say to ourselves that it brings renewal to the story. Thus, it even gives even more possibilities after the film!


So, in the second installment of the film starring Millie Bobby Brown, we can expect to see a new villain arrive. This one will therefore be James Moriarty.

Logically, and if the films follow the logic of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s book. So, one cannot imagine a Sherlock Holmes without his best enemy!

James Moriarty is indeed one of the emblematic characters of the Sherlock Holmes saga. Even though he only appears in one short story, it’s hard to see an adaptation without him!

It’s like imagining a Batman movie without the Joker! What an idea.

No official announcement has yet been made to confirm Enola Holmes’s sequel. But it looks like Millie Bobby Brown and the producer are in talks about a sequel to the film.

So it’s only a matter of time before the Stranger Things actress and The Witcher hero meet for a new adventure. In the meantime, the young woman seems to like the role of investigator.

The young teenager was also announced in the casting of the film Godzilla vs Kong. In fact, a trailer for the film has just been unveiled, and the pretty actress is indeed there!

The film, which was to be released in theaters in March 2020, will finally be available on March 17! Case to be continued.


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