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Android smartphones are representative of freedom and speed in general. There have been significant improvements in game performance for phones with the Android operating system, which has experienced significant improvements on the camera side for years. From the accessories that make playing games more enjoyable for you, we have prepared a list of the best Android accessories that many devices that take photography to the next level!

There are many products among the best Android accessories

Although durability stands out with a click on phones with Android operating system, we still need to protect these phones. Although the phones get thicker, heavier or ugly with the cases, using a protective case makes the phone resistant to impacts and offers a long-lasting use.

Therefore, the first things you should choose for your smartphone are a screen protective glass and a protective cover against bumps and scratches. In this way, you can use your phone longer. You can also obtain these cases, which you can choose according to the brand of the phone you use, from the brands that only produce cases. Cases that can charge the phone specially produced for some phone models are also available as a separate option. So, what are the best Android accessories?

A Powerbank compatible with your phone’s battery performance

If you spend most of your day outside and consume your charge quickly, a Powerbank (Multi Power) is a must. Most phones can offer you at least one day of battery life with average use, but the key word here is “average”. If you use the camera of your phone a lot, if you play too much games, if you are stuck on social media all day on the phone, the battery of the phone will run out in a short time. Using a powerful Powerbank offers an important solution to the battery problem in question.

Among the best Android accessories, TP-Link, devices from brands such as Xiaomi, Samsung, Anker and Duracell are among the most preferred ones with their high performance.

Wireless chargers

Samsung’s dual charging cradle works for phones that support fast charging as well as devices that support wireless charging. While charging up to 15W with compatible devices, it can also easily charge another wireless charging device. Such charging units provide really successful results at the wireless charging point.

How about using wireless headphones?

Another necessary accessory for many people is a pair of wireless headphones. The performance of wired headphones that come out of the box of most of the purchased phones can be bad. For this reason, wireless headphones, which save you from the trouble of cables, increase the experience of music, TV series or movies by offering high performance.

It can also be a bit difficult to choose in this area, where very successful features such as active noise canceling are offered. The wireless headset you will choose according to the phone brand you use will actually see your business a lot. For example, you have a Xiaomi phone and want to buy wireless headphones. Here we see Xiaomi Airdots Pro 2.

If you are using a Samsung phone, there are also good options; Samsung Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Buds Live meet with users as the latest models. Besides, if you have a phone on the Huawei side, Huawei Freebuds 3 is a good alternative. Of course, it is up to you to choose headsets of different brands according to your budget and other preferences.

Bluetooth-enabled speakers

If you love to listen to music, a bluetooth-enabled speaker compatible with your smartphone will be indispensable for you. There are wireless speakers that offer much higher sound performance than those that fit in a bag and pocket, and have their own carrying case.

In these devices, which come up with many models in many brands, you only have to choose according to your wishes. Are treble or bass sounds important to you? Or do you want a model that is easy to carry with minimal performance but small size? There are many options from affordable prices to high and performance ones.

MicroSD cards

If the memory of your Android phone is no longer enough for you, MicroSD cards come to your rescue. If you have insufficient memory on your phone, SanDisk comes with many options for your needs in different sizes. Samsung and Sony also offer important options at this point.

Smart wristbands and watches

When we come to the Android side, the difference of giant brands such as Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi can be felt in wearable devices. Especially Xiaomi and Huawei lead the way on the wristband side, while Samsung and Huawei stand out on the smartwatch side. As we move on to the high price and performance side, we see Fitbit smart wristbands.

Smart wristbands are preferred by more people as they offer fewer features than smart watches and are more affordable. Smartwatches are a matter of preference for those who want more performance and features such as call answering, larger screen experience and more control in daily use.

One of the best Android accessories should undoubtedly be: Phone lenses.

The best lenses for smartphones with iOS and Android operating systems are simple devices, but they allow to expand the possibilities of your smartphone photography. In addition to its clip-on structure, these lenses, which can be easily attached to phones like a case, are actually perfect for developing creativity.

Attaching additional lenses to our phones also allows the devices to offer better zoom performance. Therefore, in the first place, we need to decide how the zoom ratio will be or which feature you want to add to the camera of the phone.

As well as affordable lenses, more professional lenses and lenses of different specifications from brands such as Moment can be seen by users. The thing to note here is what feature the lens should offer. So what will be the lens we will buy for the phone; anamorphic, telephoto, fisheye, macro.


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