ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon returns to skating with a special song


Before becoming an idol, Shunghoon was an excellent skater and after debuting with ENHYPEN he had abandoned this sport that he is also passionate about, although he had the opportunity to return to the ice and shine with all his talent.

Each of the members of ENHYPEN has different talents and abilities that always end up complementing each other perfectly, in I-LAND they gave everything to be able to debut and be a complete group in K-Pop that today has taken great relevance.

Both in the studio and on stage, EN- has caused a great impact on millions of fans who follow their career, there are even those who have admired and supported them since they were trainees and they have grown together through the time they have shared.

But from Sunghoon, for example, we can know his story even before he was a trainee, he was dedicated to figure skating on ice, a sport in which he played for years and won medals thanks to his great performance. .

Since Park Sunghoon debuted with ENHYPEN, he had left his skating career behind and we had no longer seen him on the ice, but this time he has returned to show that he continues to have great talent and passion for this discipline.

ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon thrilled his fans with a special ice skating performance and he did it with a song by his K-Pop group, the idol and athlete performed his routine to the rhythm of ‘Given-Taken’, this was a performance special for the group’s program ‘EN-O-CLOCK’.

Sunghoon’s fine and delicate movements managed to surprise his bandmates, as well as ENGENE who was totally in awe of his talents and beautiful ice dancing, wow! He is definitely a very talented idol.

Sunghoon skated again with Given-Taken by ENHYPEN | Twitter: @sunssshine_

This is how Sunghoon surprised with his great abilities and returned to practice one of his passions accompanied by his members and an EN song.

In addition to Sunghoon, the other ENHYPEN members were also able to test their ice skating skills, although they did not do a routine like their fellow athlete, but instead did different dynamics and games for fun.

This is how ENHYPEN had fun on the last ‘EN-O’-CLOCK’ with an activity that further proves the capabilities of these young idols.