ENHYPEN travels to the stars in Let Me In


Let Me In (20 CUBE) ’It is the second single from the winners of the reality show I-LAND, they showed it is an interesting combination of musical rhythms, what details did the new ENHYPEN MV hide?

The boy band ENHYPEN debuted with the record material ‘Border: Day One’, they promoted with the track ‘Given-Taken’ and in various shows they presented ‘Let Me In’ as the second single of their project together.

Through the YouTube platform, Jung Won, Jake, Ni-Ki, Sung Hoon, Jay, Sunoo, and Hee Seung revealed the official MV for ‘Let Me In’. Learn all the details about the premiere of the K-pop band.

The clip began with a mysterious take where the idols appeared covered with huge plastic bags, then completely transformed and were shown inside a glass box.

The whole MV was a journey of colors and animated sets with galaxy backgrounds, some shots of ‘Let Me In (20 CUBE) were made in huge cellars, art galleries and in a forest. The looks of the ENHYPEN members had a youthful proposal and complemented their style with astronaut outfits.

An excerpt from ‘Let Me In (20 CUBE)’ reads:

My heart like you, open your window, I’ve been looking for my Nemo, I’ll be your boyfriend and I’ll give you my love

‘Let Me In (20 CUBE)’ quickly accumulated more than 500 thousand views and netizens gave the clip a lot with their likes.

ENGENE posted their first impressions on ENHYPEN’s MV, they shared their own theories, some commented that the guys told the story of their evolution from astronauts to vampires. Do you have any theories about ENHYPEN’s new video clip?

WOW! The artists from the agency BELIFT LAB Incorporations made their first appearance in the K-pop world with the interesting MV for Given-Taken.


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