ENHYPEN suffered a risky incident with his fans


The meeting of the fans with the members of ENHYPEN ended in a chaotic situation that put those present at risk.

ENHYPEN’s popularity is visible around the world. These guys were part of the I-LAND survival show and are now gearing up for their debut date. There are many fans waiting for news of these idols, but the desire to see them up close gave way to an unexpected and dangerous scenario when the boys were traveling.

The K-Pop group gathered a large number of fans who were waiting for them at the airport, all hoping to see them up close and to be able to take a photo or greet them from a distance, but the situation became complicated once the boys arrived. .

While the idol group has yet to debut, they are already working on promotional activities. ENHYPEN was on their way to Jeju Island when they got a surprise that put them in danger.


The amount of fans and cameramen took the boys and their safety by surprise, so they ended up being cornered.

In addition to being pushed around by those who wanted to get closer, the crowding caused several of the members to separate from the group, finding themselves aimlessly and with whom to follow towards a safe route.

In the videos on social networks of this moment, it is observed that the members can barely advance while they are in the middle of the crowd and surrounded by flashes, but even when they managed to reach the vans where they would be transported, entering the vehicles was difficult because that space was also packed with people.

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ENHYPEN fans have demonstrated before this event and asked for greater security for the members of the group, but they also received instructions to prevent this problem from recurring.

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