ENHYPEN introduces Jungwon as the group official leader


ENHYPEN chose the official leader of the K-pop group, Jungwon will be the one who will lead them throughout their career.

The winning members of the survival show “I-LAND” are almost two weeks away from making their debut with “Border: Day One,” their first album scheduled for release on November 30th. The aspiring idols are one step away from fulfilling their dream in K-pop and have already chosen the person who will take care of them and be the figure of trust and leadership.

Through its official YouTube channel, ENHYPEN revealed the video of the election to the leader of the group, a very important figure within K-pop, because not only is the image of all the members, it is the most trusted person, who He watches over others and makes the best decisions for the team, as well as being a guide for his teammates.

Usually it is customary for the leader to be the oldest member, but ENHYPEN made a different choice. The staff explained that they did several tests and interviews to choose the member who would fill the position, the finalists were Jungwon and Heeseung, the latter is the oldest and oldest member, but he decided to reject the position.


Heeseung explained that he did not want to obtain the position of leader because he considers that he can contribute in other areas within the group and believes in group leadership, in addition, he is sure that being the oldest he can advise his peers and help Jungwon, so he took the initiative to hand over the position.

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After his election, Jungwon admitted that he does not expect to become a leader, it was something sudden for him, but he promised to work very hard together with the members of ENHYPEN, accept the sense of duty that now corresponds to him and not be distant for the boys, because wants to hear your opinions.

The group congratulated their new leader and one by one extended their congratulations to Jungwon, whom they described as someone trustworthy and friendly, some also confessed to being concerned about the burden he will carry, as he is younger than others, but promised to do their best to help him and fulfill his role within the group.

Usually the leaders are the ones who take the first word in front of the microphone, introduce the group, support everyone’s decisions and is a figure they can turn to if there is a problem, ENHYPEN also asked Jungwon to share his thoughts and feelings with them.

The boys of ENHYPEN fulfilled some missions imposed by BTS during I-LAND, since then, the boys have shown their fanaticism for them and one of the members covered “Savage Love”.


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