ENHYPEN announced its activities on its social media


The I-LAND winners already have social networks and shared their plans for the future through the ENHYPEN activities calendar.

After witnessing the final of I-LAND, fans of the winning guys can’t wait any longer to get to know ENHYPEN, the new 7-member group that will debut soon. These guys have just revealed what the social networks are for the K-Pop group and they already gave us big surprises.

For several weeks, K-Pop fans have followed the competition of the boys who will now be part of ENHYPEN, but it is time that you also follow them on their social networks so that you do not miss any details of their activities.

ENHYPEN already has an account on sites like Instagram, YouTube, V App, Facebook, Weverse, TikTok, and also has two Twitter accounts. Best of all, they have already started using them.

With the launch of these new accounts, a bit of the activities where we will see these guys promote before their official debut was also revealed, but as soon as they were announced, new surprises began to be revealed.

Through Instagram we have come to know what the ENHYPEN logo will be like and how it was created, the Twitter account revealed some photographs of the members of the group so that the fans know them better and they have already made their first broadcast in V Live.

There are still activities on these guys’ to-do list, as we will see very soon how the photos of their profiles were taken and some videos will also be revealed involving all the participants of the I-LAND show.

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