Engineers Special brain designed for robots


Although robots perform many functions, they may have difficulties when communicating with believers. Engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have designed a brain with special hardware that makes robots run faster.

We can see the brains customized for robots soon

Sabrina Neumann from MIT explains that it takes a lot of computation for robots to detect stimuli and calculate responses, limiting their reaction times. Here Neumann found a short way to combat this conflict between the robot’s mind and body.

The new robotic computing method uses the robot’s physical design and intended applications to create a custom computer chip that minimizes response times.

There are three main stages in the operation of a robot. The first is perception, which involves collecting data using sensors or cameras. Second, analysis and analysis: Based on what the robots see, they must analyze the event around them and then find a solution. The third is to create and resolve an action plan. These steps can take a long time and computational power.

Using a hardware acceleration technique, the researchers used a special unit to perform certain computational tasks more efficiently. Most robots are designed with a specific set of applications and can benefit from hardware acceleration. That’s why engineers at MIT produced the robomorphic computing.

The system creates custom hardware designs to best suit the robot’s specific computing needs. Thus, the resulting microcircuit design can be adapted to maximize the efficiency of the robot’s computing needs.