An Engineer Acquires 1,000 FPS Images with Sony Sensor on Raspberry Pi


An engineer named Gaurav Singh managed to achieve 1000 FPS images outside of Raspberry Pi with the Sony IMX219 image sensor, the Raspberry Pi camera module. Singh shared the results with the video.

Raspberry Pi camera modules are used among many developers with features such as object recognition and remote broadcasting. However, an electrical / software engineer managed to operate the Sony IMX219 image sensor at 1000 FPS outside of the Raspberry Pi.

An engineer named Gaurav Singh, who studied the data sheet of the IMX219 sensor, discovered that he could operate at higher bandwidths using all four of the MIPI CSI (Camera Serial Interface) strips. The Raspberry Pi module uses two MIPI strips that limit the frame rate of the camera.

Singh has developed a special IMX219 module that allows it to connect to the FPGA (field programmable gate arrays) using all four lanes to capture higher frame rate on the camera. Thus, he was able to use the camera at high frame rates of up to 1,000 FPS.

Instead of using the Raspberry Pi interface, Singh connected the IMX219 directly to an FPGA and then to the host with a USB 3.0 connection. Although it only achieved 1,000 FPS at a resolution as low as 640×80, it was able to receive 60 FPS at 1080p and even 15 FPS at 3280×2464 resolution.

Although it is a study that is out of performance expectations for the average user, he shared the necessary resources on Github for those in need. You can watch the images taken at 1,000 FPS below.

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Image at 1000 FPS with Sony IMX219:


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