Enem Digital debuted with 68.1% abstaining


The first day of application of Enem Digital ended with an abstention of 68.1% of the registered candidates. In all, 93,000 people were expected to attend the test sites, but only 34,590 students were confirmed. This is the computer version of the test, applied in specific locations and pre-determined by the Ministry of Education (MEC).

According to the president of Inep, Alexandre Lopes, the pandemic of the covid-19 is the main factor that explains the absences, since the traditional Enem also registered a high rate of absentees in the previous weeks. Those who did not come to the test site because they have symptoms of covid-19 or other similar diseases can request reapplication, which takes place between February 23 and 24, 2021.

In addition to the absences, several locations had technical problems: the system was slow to grant access to the test for some candidates because of a problem with government servers – the tests are sent in advance to the selected computers. Depending on the case and the delay time, these participants must also participate in the reapplication.

Enem Digital

This was the first application of Enem’s digital format, still in a pilot project in a few locations. The idea is that the entire application of the test will be in this format by 2026.


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