Endless Possibilities: Life After Football For Zlatan Ibrahimovic


It’s been about a year since the tall Swede Zlatan Ibrahimovic graced the pitch.

His absence has not gone unnoticed, and the football world wonders if we are not witnessing the beginning of the end.

Ibrahimovic was one of the brightest football talents, having reached the highest echelons of the game in a brilliant career with few flaws.

While Zlatan’s playing career in football may be coming to an end, a future off the pitch in Milan is quite possible.

Another entry

Zlatan last scored for the Rossoneri on January 9, 2022 in a match against Venice, bringing his tally for the club to 92 goals in 159 matches.

His latest goal means Ibrahimovic has scored against 80 different teams in the Big Five leagues in Europe.
equaling the record set by another striker, Cristiano Ronaldo, just a month earlier. To date, no other player has achieved this record.

Ibrahimovic’s impressive longevity puts him on a par with such legends as Totti and Ryan Giggs. The Swede spent 23 calendar years in the top football division for the national team, starting in 1999, with a short break in 2000 when he played for the Swedish B team.

New act

However, for the charismatic striker, time seemed to have stopped.

There are no goals, no performances, and there is very little chance that Milan will extend his contract with him.

The Rossoneri can no longer use Ibrahimovic’s talents on the pitch. Nevertheless, given his wide popularity, he may be approached for the role of ambassador.

The future beckons

We have already seen the side effects of the star’s association with the club in the Ronaldo-Al-Nasr partnership.

Zlatan is a heavyweight in his own right, he has almost 58 million followers on Instagram, which dwarfs Milan’s 12 million. The Swedish striker has a cult of fans who are fascinated by his humor, antics and cameos off the field. An avalanche of profitable sponsorship and advertising opportunities will surely fall on his way.

Like Ronaldo, Zlatan is also a passionate entrepreneur, having built new padel courts in Milan. The city is a thriving center of sports and entertainment, and this is another reason for an ambitious Swede to explore his opportunities.

The curtain of Ibrahimovic’s career and his time at the San Siro may be coming down, but his life after football is steadily growing.


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