End-to-end encryption tests started on Messenger by default


Meta firm has pushed the button to bring end-to-end encryption by default to its Messenger chat app. It is also planned to be brought to voice calls.

Among chat applications, end-to-end encryption technique is a prominent solution in terms of protecting the privacy of users. Although the platforms use encryption methods, the issue of activation is used more often, not by default. Only WhatsApp starts encryption on chats by default. Now it’s time for the Messenger app.

Encryption by default in Messenger

In the new test of the Meta Messenger application, which started off, the end-to-end encryption method is automatically started in the most frequent chats of the users. So the user does not need to activate it extra.

On the other hand, secure backup method for encrypted messages is another feature tested. When users change phones, they will be able to download encrypted backup with PIN or different codes. Cloud platforms such as iCloud are also supported in this regard.

Other features that will be tested by Meta in the coming months are the ability to send end-to-end encrypted messages to Stories, the integration of encryption to searches in the Search tab, and the ability to send encrypted hands-free messages to Stories. In addition, the accuracy of the Messenger site will be verified with the new Code Verification add-on for Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge browsers.


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