“End of life”: KDE Plasma 5.19 receives its latest update


The KDE project announced Plasma Desktop 5.19.5 as the latest version of the 5.19 series on their desktop, now making room for the development of a new series.

Version 5.19 was released on June 9, and brought minor improvements over version 5.18, which is LTS (Long-Term Support), that is, it spends more time receiving updates for bug fixes and security holes.

Plasma Desktop is one of the most popular graphics environments on Linux systems, and is recognized as one of the most sophisticated and customizable on the market. The interface, in fact, already inspired some features that appeared in Windows only years later.

Plasma manages to be, at the same time, beautiful, easy to use and very practical, being extremely useful for users who need to have a workspace essentially configured according to their needs.

The video below shows some of the new features in Plasma 5.19:

Be careful when updating

The latest version of Plasma 5.19 is the fifth and last maintenance update in this series. It brings small bugfixes that can be of high relevance to these users.

The update should be released automatically, through the official repository of the Linux distribution used. There is no need to force a manual update or add extra repositories.

If you are still using the 5.18 series and are not experiencing any problems with performance and / or stability, it is recommended that you only update Plasma to the 5.19 series if it appears in your distribution’s official repository. Otherwise, a manual update may cause packet breaks.

As it is an “end of life” (EOL) version, the most recent version of Plasma 5.19 brings only 13 changes, which can be checked through this link.


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