End of Flash Player brings down rail system in China


The railroad system in Dalian, China, had a series of problems over 20 long hours due to the end of support for Adobe Flash Player. Although it ended in most places, the plug-in continued to operate in China with the help of a local partner. However, this was not enough to prevent failure.

As disclosed by GitHub, employees reported the first instabilities from 8:16 am on January 12, when the global block in the execution of Flash content, determined by Adobe itself, occurred.

A technical team then began efforts to stabilize the Chinese railway system. However, only at 1:09 am the following day, the task force was able to restore the old version of the platform and avoid interruptions. According to the source, at the end of the successful operation, the technicians involved received applause.

Blocking Flash content

The problems on the Dalian, China railway came after Adobe put an end to the Flash Player trajectory, as planned in July 2017 – when the company announced the plug-in’s closure schedule. Support ended on December 31 and the blocking of Flash content on the 12th of this month.

Adobe explained, in response to Tecnoblog, that “there will be no alternative versions of Flash Player for download on third-party sites authorized by Adobe”. The official recommendation, therefore, is to remove the program from the computer and not download unauthorized versions of the software. With this, users will avoid possible security breaches.

As mentioned earlier, the end of support did not affect all countries. As reported by W3Techs on Monday (25), Flash is still available on 2.2% of sites around the world. Mainland China, for example, maintained distribution and official support for the plug-in thanks to an Adobe distributor.

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