End of an era: Yahoo Answers will be closed in May


Currently owned by operator Verizon and far from its heyday in the early 2000s, Yahoo! decided to permanently discontinue the Yahoo Answers platform, which provided a special space for questions and explanations from users.

The service will cease to exist on May 4, 2021, with all content deleted and the page being redirected to the portal’s home screen. As part of the closure process, no further questions will be authorized as of April 20.

The service was born in 2005 and was very popular for bringing very well ranked links on search services such as Google and an almost immediate interaction system. However, it was also material for many jokes on the internet, from bizarre questions to answers of dubious veracity. In this market, it lost space both for common interactions on social networks and for niche services, such as Quora.

And now?

According to the company itself, the product has lost much popularity over the years and the resources will be reused in other services of the brand. Another long-standing tool for the company, Yahoo Groups, has had a similar fate recently.

Anyone who wants to download the content they generated on Yahoo Answers can follow instructions provided by the company on the site – which includes questions, answers and interactions with other users. You cannot save other people’s history.


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