End Of An Era: Alexa Is Shutting Down!


It has come to the end of the road for Alexa.com, which has been operating for more than 25 years and provides information about the traffic of websites.

Alexa.com, which provides information about the number of visitors and traffic sources of websites, has been operating since 1996. An unexpected statement was made today for the platform owned by Amazon: Alexa.com is ending its activities shortly after.

End of the road for Alexa.com

In the statement made on Alexa.com, the following statements were included;

“We established Alexa Internet 25 years ago. After twenty years of working to help you find, reach and convert your digital audience, we made the difficult decision to phase out Alexa.com on May 1, 2022. Thank you for choosing us for content research and competitive analysis.“

Alexa statistics are collected using the browser plugin called “Alexa Toolbar”, tracking codes and various search engine data. In this way, the rank of the website in terms of visitors in the country where it is located and around the world, from which words it receives traffic and many other data are shared publicly.

Alexa, which derives its main income from paid users, offered website owners much more information about their competitors in exchange for a certain fee.