End Flash Player support in Edge and Windows 10


Microsoft has announced that it will end support for Adobe Flash Player on the company’s browsers. In December 2020, the old Microsoft Edge, the new Edge and Internet Explorer 11 will no longer be supported for the multimedia player.

Once closed, users of Microsoft browsers will no longer receive security updates for Adobe Flash Player – which has been at the end of its life since Adobe’s announcement in 2017. Consequently, using the tool can leave your computer vulnerable to attacks.

In January 2021, Microsoft will disable Adobe Flash Player by default on all versions of Windows 10. In addition, Microsoft features related to the media player will no longer be available for download from the company’s servers.

The company’s schedule will also include an update with the addition of “Adobe Flash Player Removal”, and will eventually be distributed to all Windows 10 machines. At the first moment of distribution, the patch will be made available as an option, but will be listed as “ recommended ”in mid-2021.

For companies and organizations that need support for Flash Player, Adobe has released an article (in English only) on how to proceed with the end of support for the service.

As usual, Microsoft recommends that Windows 10 home users keep up with security updates and keep their data protected. Therefore, the use of Flash Player is no longer recommended.


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