Encanto: Why is what Dolores Hears Bruno not a Plot Hole


In Disney’s Encanto, Dolores seems to know that Bruno has been hiding in the walls of the house for years, why can Dolores hear Bruno? There is a reason that is not a plot hole. In Encanto, Abuela Alma Madrigal (Maria Cecilia Botero) receives a miracle on the night her husband died, sacrificing himself for the sake of the village and his family. After her husband’s death, Alma receives a magic candle and an enchanted house, and her family members receive supernatural gifts. For example, Pepa Madrigal (Carolina Gaitan) can control the weather, and Dolores (Adassa) has super-strong hearing, which allows her to find out all the city gossip. But, unfortunately, Mirabelle Madrigal, one of Alma’s granddaughters, does not receive a gift, which aggravates her relationship with Alma.

Like Mirabelle, Bruno (John Leguizamo) is also an outcast in the family. A few years before the events of Encanto, Bruno saw the future on the night when Mirabelle did not receive the magic gift. The vision showed that the magic house was falling apart, and Mirabelle was in the middle of it. Therefore, in order to protect his niece, John Leguizamo’s uncle, Bruno, hid and lived in the walls of the house for ten years.

So why does Dolores hear Bruno? Although Dolores seems to hear that Bruno lives within the walls of the house, there is a reason why she doesn’t talk about it. Dolores’ super-hearing reveals to her all the secrets of the city, and she even confesses in “We’re not talking about Bruno” that, in her opinion, Bruno hears in the walls of the magic Casita. If Dolores had just told about Bruno earlier, it seems that the family could have paid attention to his gloomy vision of the future. However, when Mirabelle tries to figure out why the house is cracking, Dolores tells her, “The only one who cares about magic is you… and the rats talking in the walls.” The statement (listed on Reddit) shows why it’s not a plot hole that Dolores heard Bruno in the walls.

Why is what Dolores Hears Bruno Not a Plot Hole

Why does Dolores hear Bruno? The truth is, Dolores isn’t quite sure what she hears when it comes to Bruno. Bruno left to live in the walls of the house when Dolores was still a child, so she listened to her uncle in the house for years. For Dolores, his sounds have become an integral part of her daily life. From Dolores’ phrase about “rats talking in the walls” it becomes clear that over the years she probably convinced herself that she couldn’t hear Bruno. She just hears the rats.

Also, it looks like Dolores has previously spoken on Encanto. Besides Mirabelle’s story about Bruno during “We Don’t Talk about Bruno,” Dolores has a triumphant moment at the end of the film. After Bruno opens up to the family, Dolores says: “I knew he never left.” Judging by the statement, Dolores may have talked about Bruno living in the walls before, but people didn’t believe her. And after years of people telling her she was wrong, maybe she didn’t even believe it herself. After all, her mother, Pepa Madrigal, makes sure that people “don’t talk about Bruno.”

Why Dolores listening to Bruno makes Encanto better

Not only does Dolores hear Bruno in the walls, it’s not really a plot hole, it also helps reinforce the main themes and message of Encanto. The whole film is about how the Madrigal family learns to understand each other, especially to listen to what other family members can do. This mainly applies to Mirabelle and Abuela, but both Dolores and Bruno have dreams and ideas that remain unheard of (for example, Dolores’ love for Mariano and Bruno’s prophecies). The fact that Dolores could hear Bruno all this time serves as an important thematic link. Thus, this is not an Encanto plot hole, but rather an effective metaphor.