Encanto: What would have happened if Mirabel & Bruno hadn’t saved Casita


Encanto director Jared Bush recently revealed on social media what would have happened if Mirabelle and Bruno hadn’t saved Casita in the Pixar movie. Although the 2021 animated musical fantasy film was not a success in theaters, mainly due to limited release due to the pandemic, Encanto became a huge hit when it hit Disney+. The film won the Golden Globe Award for Best Animated Feature Film and was nominated for the Academy Award three times, including for Best Animated Film.

Encanto finds Abuela (Maria Cecilia Botero) and her husband fleeing from a group of unknown assailants when her husband is killed. By the power of an enchanted candle, the matriarch of the Madrigal family transforms a hidden part of the forest in the mountains of Colombia and creates an intelligent anthropomorphic house known as Casita. However, after decades of growing in the forest and creating a community of lost travelers, the house begins to form cracks in the foundation and walls. Mirabelle Madrigal (Stephanie Beatriz), Abuela’s cheerful granddaughter, takes up the mystery and leads her to her long-lost and disgraced uncle Bruno (John Leguizamo). Through love and reconciliation, the two heal family wounds and restore Kasita from total destruction.

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Bush recently took to Twitter and revealed what would have happened if Mirabelle and Bruno hadn’t worked together to save Casita. In response to a question from Sarah Amelia Morales (@AnimalmagicM15) about the possibility of Mirabelle and Bruno escaping from Encanto, never to return, Bush replied that the hypothetical actions of the duo would lead to the “destruction of the family.”

Kasita was born from an enchanted candle from Abuela’s pain and love. The fear of losing her family, her powers and her home makes Abuela vent her rage on Mirabelle, pushing her away and causing Kasita to explode. However, if Bruno and Mirabelle had not returned and reconciled with Abuela, and also rallied the city to rebuild Casita even better than before, then the family would really have been lost.

Disney and Pixar are known for their strong visual motifs and metaphors. Zveropolis skillfully used various predators and animal victims to discuss racism and prejudice in society. Ap repurposed the old man’s house for humor and travel, which led to a successful symbol of his physical and emotional attachment to the long-dead love of his life, as seen in the heartbreaking opening scene of the film. Encanto’s use of Casita as a representation of the family and their bond was excellent, as it visualized the emotional stakes at risk if Mirabelle and Bruno could not heal the wounds of the Madrigal family.