Encanto Director Reveals New Details about What Caused the Madrigal Miracle


Director of Encanto Jared Bush shares more details about what actually lit the enchanted candle again, thanks to which the Madrigal family gets their powers. The Disney animated film continues to be a hit even a few months after it first appeared in theaters last November. Popular songs like “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” and “Surface Pressure” contributed to the success of the film, not to mention the colorful aesthetic that inspired countless cosplays, fan art and parodies.

In addition to catchy melodies and memorable characters, Encanto has created a passionate fan base that continues to discuss details and theories. Among them is the exact reason why the miraculous candle regained its strength after Mirabelle and Isabela’s embrace. This moment occurs shortly after Mirabelle consults Bruno, who shows a vision of her hugging Isabela to strengthen the fading candle flame. During Isabella’s musical number “What else can I do?” Mirabelle learns to love her sister’s imperfections, and they embrace as a candle lights up behind them.

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For fans who still enjoy talking about the movie, Bush has hosted question-and-answer sessions on Twitter from time to time to answer questions. One user asked about the real reason for Mirabelle and Isabela’s embrace, which saved a family miracle. According to Bush, there was unconditional love between the two sisters. He tweeted:

We never talk about it in the movie, but part of what fueled this miracle was unconditional love. When Mirabelle shows it to Isabelle and vice versa, it affects the magic of the candle.

The concept of unconditional love is one of several topics not explicitly stated in Encanto. Disney animated films often clearly describe a specific action that needs to be performed to save the situation, usually associated with the general message of the film, for example, “an act of true love” in “Cold Heart”. Although in Encanto Mirabelle and Isabella embrace to save the candle, there is no mention of why their hugs are so important. This is another way Encanto is moving away from Disney traditions — instead of making its messages obvious, Encanto seems to have left many of its themes to be interpreted, hence the constant fan theories that subsequently keep the film relevant for a longer period of time.

At first glance, love and family are at the core of Encanto, but the film also explores deeper themes such as generational trauma and toxic family relationships without necessarily calling them that. These subtle but important nuances add maturity to the storyline, deviating from the classic narrative of true love and a kiss that old Disney fans remember. Given that there are still plans in development to turn the film into a franchise, Disney should not lose sight of the true magic of Encanto — its depth of storytelling.