Encanto Director Refutes Fans’ Theory about Moana’s Thin Easter Egg


Encanto director Jared Bush has debunked the fan theory that Mariano (Maluma) is a descendant or ancestor of Moana’s characters. Encanto premiered on November 24, 2021, and critics received it very positively. The film tells the story of an unusual Madrigal family who were blessed with magic created from the candle of Abuela (Maria Cecilia Botero) when she ran away from home with her children and lost her husband. The candle gave every child in the family a special gift, except Mirabelle (Stephanie Beatrice). However, when the magic of the candle begins to weaken, Mirabelle may be the only one who can save her.

Meanwhile, in 2016, the premiere of the Disney cartoon “Moana” took place, which tells the story of an energetic young Polynesian girl Moana (Auli Cravalho), who is chosen to return an artifact known as the heart of Te Fiti, stolen by the demigod Maui (Dwayne “The Rock”). “Johnson”). If she can get Te Fiti’s heart back, she can put an end to the decline that has afflicted her island and save her people. In Moana, Te Fiti’s heart is depicted as an ancient green gemstone small enough to fit into a necklace. So when viewers noticed Mariano’s mother wearing a necklace with a green stone, they wondered if it was the same as Moana’s stone.

Bush took to Twitter to refute the theory that Mariano has an affair with Moana. A Twitter user asked him if the necklace meant that Mariano was Moana’s ancestor or successor. Bush replied that the necklace is not the kind of stone that can be seen in Moana, but an emerald, very common in Colombia.

It’s an emerald. Colombia is known for them.

The idea that the Encanto stone and the Moana stone were one and the same was not too far-fetched a theory. After all, Disney is known for often throwing funny Easter eggs into its movies that reference other films in the franchise. Actually, Encanto mentioned Moana in a joke by Camilo (Renzi Feliz), so there are some connections. Meanwhile, Encanto’s opening song “The Family Madrigal” was inspired by the beginning of “Beauty and the Beast”. However, the claim that Mariano is related to Moana seems to go beyond a funny Easter egg or a minor reference. Viewers have long assumed that every Disney movie is connected, but this has never been proven. Even if Moana and Mariano were somehow connected, it makes little sense why his family took the stone that was returned to revive Those Fiti.

Fortunately, Bush shed light on this fan theory and pointed out that this is an interesting cultural detail, not an Easter egg. This is also not the first time Bush has refuted or confirmed a fan theory. Bush also recently shed light on the image of Dolores (Adassa) on Casita’s door, saying she was just happy and at peace, not sad, as fans suggested. However, there are likely to be many more interesting details that viewers will grab onto as Encanto’s popularity continues to grow. Meanwhile, Bush seems always ready to either confirm the true Easter egg or refute a misinterpreted detail in Encanto.