Emulator of Windows 10X to be Used in Dual Screen Devices Released


Microsoft released the emulator of the operating system Windows 10X, which will be used on dual-screen devices today. Microsoft wants to ensure that applications are optimized for the operating system by publishing the Windows 10X emulator that it wants to make available by the end of the year.

Microsoft has been working on an operating system that will run on dual screen devices like Surface Neo for a while. The operating system called Windows 10X appeared for the first time today. Microsoft has released the emulator of Windows 10X, which will be the operating system of dual-screen devices.

Microsoft developed Windows 10X, which it developed for dual screen devices, based on Windows 10. Designed only for foldable and dual-screen devices, the operating system looks different in design than Windows 10.

The first noticeable design change in Windows 10X stands out as the Start menu. The usual Start menu icon has changed with Windows 10X since Windows 8. The Start icon, which remains basically the same, is offered to users in an animated design in Windows 10X.

The list of applications and recently used documents that will be fixed in the Start menu of Windows 10X are presented to users. With the search feature in the start menu, applications, documents and web content can be searched.

The biggest changes in Windows 10X are about the user experience. Unlike Windows 10, applications cannot be used in windows in Windows 10X. Applications open to span two screens by default. Then, the applications can be narrowed to different areas of the screen.

The Taskbar, which allows running apps to appear, also looks updated with Windows 10X. At the same time, the usual Windows desktop view and File Explorer are not available in Windows 10X. No applications or documents can be stored on the desktop of Windows 10X.

One of the new features that comes with Windows 10X is the Wonder Bar. Wonder Bar, which will come under or above the keyboard, is designed to appear as part of the keyboard. Wonder Bar comes with options like GIF and emoji.

Wonder Bar is not just a section where GIFs and emojis will be used. Some of the apps continue to work on Wonder Bar. For example, you can continue playing a series you opened on Netflix in Wonder Bar. Applications such as calculators can also be run in Wonder Bar.

Changes other than the visible part of Windows 10X, which is seen as a more advanced and refined version of Windows 10, are also remarkable. Most of the changes that come with Windows 10X are deep in the operating system. Windows 10X includes technology that enables Microsoft win32 applications to run on a lightweight virtual machine. At the same time, applications, drivers and operating system files are kept separate so that updates can be made in less than 90 seconds with Windows 10X.

Publishing the emulator of Windows 10X will provide optimization of applications that will work with this operating system. Microsoft wants to release Windows 10X by the end of this year. However, Microsoft may continue to make changes to the operating system until the operating system is released.

This is all the information about Windows 10X for now. More information about the operating system is expected at Microsoft’s developer conference in May.


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