Empire of Sequins: Why Anna & Christine are actually cut from the same fabric


Fans of the popular Netflix reality show Bling Empire have invested in the lives of extremely wealthy Los Angeles socialites, and fans notice the similarities between Anna Shay and Kristin Chiu. Rumor has it that Anna, the richest of the actors, has hundreds of millions of dollars, and she is a fan favorite thanks to her behavior, charm and high-class glamour. Kristin, the wife of a famous plastic surgeon from Los Angeles, is considered the second richest among actors, and she also has fans who want to see more of her.

The reality TV stars have had dramas in both seasons of The Sequin Empire, and some viewers consider them opposites. The dynamics between them often change, and conflicts are not unusual. Nevertheless, Anna and Kristina even had dinner together outside of filming and consider themselves friends. Anna believes that Kristina is constantly trying to compete with her in terms of wealth, and believes that she is trying too hard to be someone she is not. Despite wanting to be her friend, Kristina always comments on Anna’s age and thinks that Anna is rude to her.

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Despite the drama, Anna and Kristina are more similar than different, since they have the same origin. Both were born into wealth and lead the same luxurious lifestyle. The two women have been rich all their lives, as Anna’s father owned a successful gun business, which was left to Anna and her brother, who decided to sell it. Kristina’s wealth also comes from her family, although having a successful plastic surgeon from Los Angeles as her husband undoubtedly contributes to her own capital. In the 1st episode of the 2nd season of The Empire of Trinkets, Kristina explains in a conversation with Anna: “I didn’t want to take my parents’ money,” showing that despite their super-rich lifestyle, they have some modest moments.

Apart from the fact that Anna and Kristina were born into wealth, they also lead a very similar lifestyle. Viewers know that they have the same group of friends and they often attend the same social events. Both Anna and Kristin have a strong sense of family: Anna’s son, Kenny Kemp, appears on the series from time to time as Kristina demonstrates her relationship with her husband, Dr. Gabriel Chiu, and their son, Baby G. Women also share an interest in guns, as it is known that Anna has both guns, which she sometimes uses, and other firearms that are the decoration of her house. Even Kristin was seen at the shooting range in a fashionable outfit.