BTS has given us many incredible moments, they always make us laugh with their occurrences, they make us sing loudly, dance in every moment, but also, they have brought us tears when we have seen them cry. So, Rex Nation has thought about collecting some “tearful” moments that we know you will enjoy.

Jungkook comforts V

The moment Kookie didn’t hesitate to hug and comfort her friend Tae. Who could not hold back the tears. Jungkook makes a very tender gesture that made us all say … AWWW!

Kookie cries in the middle of a concert

“Mikrokosmos” is one of ARMY’s favorite songs, but seeing this moment when Jungkook sings it with tears in his eyes, it breaks our hearts and makes us want to hug him forever.

Everyone supporting Jungkook

The boys have cried to see that Kookie cries, this demonstrates the great connection that everyone has.

Jimin cries when asked if he is crying

This moment is sooo tender, taking into account that Jimin looked very nostalgic, his classmates asked him if he was crying, and he cried more.

J-Hope receives a tender hug from Jimin

This moment is too cute because J-Hope was giving a few words to receive the “Artist of the Year” award. Jimin noticed that his friend wanted to cry and did not hesitate to give him a hug.

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