Emotional moment at the concert with Suga and his family


This moment of Suga during a BTS concert made the ARMY burst into tears.

When BTS won the “Artist of the Year” award at the 2018 MAMA, the group gave a speech accepting the award that brought many people to tears. J-Hope, Jin, and V burst into tears on stage, the rest of the members shed tears as well. Most surprisingly, Jin revealed that BTS was planning to disband in early 2018 when he couldn’t take the pressure.

Even though the group did not achieve their mission and now in 2020 they are stronger than ever due to their new success, Dynamite, there is a moment of Suga with her parents at a concert that also made the ARMY cry uncontrollably.

Suga bowed down to his parents at the concert

As a child, Suga’s parents discouraged his dream of becoming an artist because they did not believe it was a realistic career choice. However, Suga still strives and trains hard to make his dream come true. In the end, Suga’s efforts paid off when he became a singer.

Suga’s parents first came to see BTS’s concert on May 8, 2016. At the end of the show, Suga looked for his family in the audience seat and knelt down; He later broke down in tears because he felt that he had become a son that his parents can be proud of.

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