Emojis celebrate 25 years since their creation


If you have social networks, surely you will have seen #EmojiDay or #WorldEmojiDay as a trending topic. And is that today is officially the Day of the Emoji, a party that emerged on the Net that is celebrated every July 17 and is dedicated to those icons that have become essential in digital conversations, since one only represents more than a whole text paragraph.

July 17, World Emoji Day

And why July 17? Simple: it is the day that appears marked on the calendar emoji that comes on the digital keyboards (although it may change depending on the brand), and it was on July 17, 2002 when the iCal for Mac was announced at the 2002 MacWorld Expo.

In fact, the date depends on each social network: The emoji of the calendar on Twitter puts March 21, the date of the first message sent by the founder of the social network Jack Dorsey. Two dates appear on Facebook: February 4, when the Facebook website was activated in 2004, and May 14, the birth date of Mark Zuckerberg.

Born in the 90s, not with the iPhone

But let’s count before where they were really born, since emoji are not a current product born from the iPhone, WhatsApp etc, but something pure and genuine 90s: in 1995, Shigetaka Kurita created a symbol for the NTT DoCoMo mobile internet platform heart-shaped among the options of Pocket Bell mobiles.

And given its enormous reception, this gave rise to Kurita looking for ideas between symbols and elements of Japanese culture such as Kanji or manga to develop a set of 176 characters, thus giving birth to the first emojis, ideograms or characters used in messages. electronic and websites, particularly in messaging applications and other social networks. And there is nothing better than an emoji to instantly express how we feel without having to use words.

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The emoji you use the most

Here we each have our favorite, the emoticon that we use the most. But in general, according to the Digital 2020 report prepared by the firm Hootsuite, there is a clear winner: the emoji of the face with tears of laughter or Face With Tears of Joy ”😂. This particular emoticon, which represents like no one else when we are literally frowning at / with something, has been used a whopping 2,914 million times since July 24, 2013.

And beware, it is only in Twitter messages, so imagine how that figure would multiply x5 or more if we put messages from WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, Messenger, Instagram, etc.

The second most used emoji on Twitter is the heart ❤️, although the curious thing is the abysmal difference between the first and the second emoticon on the list, since the heart emoji has been used 1,423 million times. In third place is the emoji “Smiling Face with Heart-Eyes” or smiley face with heart corazón, which has been shared 1,039 million times.


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