Emmy Rossum recalls how she almost gave birth in a taxi on the way to the hospital: “My worst nightmare”


A completely different birth story. On the eve of her daughter’s birthday, Emmy Rossum told how she almost gave birth to a baby in the car.

“[It’s] almost my worst nightmare,” Rossum, 35, shared during a joint broadcast with Kelly and Ryan on Thursday, May 19. to the hospital. My worst nightmare would be that I had this [mental] picture of me holding [the handle over the door] in the car and the kid getting out in an Uber.”

The Shameless graduate also joked about the main reason why her driver’s reaction didn’t help her get to the hospital in a hurry. “When you give birth and they go to the hospital — in the end I found a wonderful and very conscientious Uber driver, and this is not what you need when you give birth. I want to go,” she said. “If it’s orange [light], just take it for green and go ahead.”

Rossum continued: “We were driving, and we were a couple of minutes from the hospital, and I was having severe contractions, and I didn’t realize that at that moment I had an opening of nine centimeters, so close. I was 10 minutes away from having a baby.”

According to the actress, the experience almost ended quite differently because of her driver’s concern for her safety. “Everything developed very quickly,” she added. “And we were driving towards the hospital, the light turned orange, and I was like, “Come on, come on, come on, come on!” And he’s like, “We’ll just hit the brake and stop here. I want to get you there safely.” I said: “I would like that too. I would like to get there.

In May 2021, Rossum announced the birth of her first child with her husband Sam Esmail. “5.24.21 On a sunny Monday morning, at 8:13, we welcomed our daughter into this world,” she captioned an Instagram slideshow with black and white photos of motherhood at the time.

The new addition to the family came four years after the couple tied the knot at the Central Synagogue in New York in May 2017. They previously got engaged in 2015 after two years of dating.

Before the pregnancy, the director told that she was raised by a single mother and how it affected her growing up.

“I had a single mother. I have a single mom. It’s not a secret,” she wrote on Facebook in April 2017. — It was difficult for me to grow up in school and in a world consisting mainly of two parent blocks. Father’s Day is still hard for me. I’m not quite sure how to celebrate. A few weeks before that, I feel a wave coming. Sometimes I try not to pay attention to it. …Sometimes I take my mom to brunch and give her a gift to show her how much I appreciate her.”

Rossum continued, “She really was both a mother and a father to me. I don’t like it when she knows it still hurts me—30 years later—so she doesn’t feel like she’s not enough. It was always enough. It’s enough. She wasn’t perfect like no one else, but for me she was the best mom in the world.”

During a joint performance on Thursday, the New York native also spoke in detail about her plans to celebrate her daughter’s first birthday. “She made all these friends in the park at the playground, so now I have mom friends, and it’s so cute,” she shared. “So, we’re going to have a musical party with tambourines and cupcakes in the park. You know, they’re small, they don’t really understand what’s going on, so it’s more for us.”