Emmy announces wrong award winner in “virtual blunder”


Ron Cephas Jones was later confirmed as the winner in the category of Best Guest Actor in a Drama Series by ‘This Is Us’

Despite being scheduled for tonight, Emmy awards have already started and, even in virtual format, with a gaffe almost as big as that of the 2017 Oscar when Warren Beaty mistook ‘La La Land’ for ‘Moonlight: Sob Luz do Luar ‘at the time of saying who was the winner of the Best Film category. This time, the name of actor Ron Cephas Jones appeared, in image, as a winner for his appearance in ‘This Is Us’ and, at the same time, the name of Jason Bateman, remembered for his participation in ‘The Outsider’, was awarded by the narrator. The confusion was cleared up later and Jones confirmed as the winner.

It took a commercial break for the confusion to be resolved, with the appearance of an image that said: “Our apologies, an incorrect winner was announced. We’re fixing it now, ”followed by the repeated display of Jones’ name, but without an ad. There was no immediate explanation for the error.

Jones joked about the error when he answered questions virtually later, focusing on his second Emmy for “This Is Us” and especially his daughter, actress and singer Jasmine Cephas Jones. He expressed satisfaction to learn that the duo made Emmy history as the first father and daughter to win that same year. The award for acting in a short series came earlier this week for actress for her participation in ‘#FreeRayshawn’ from the streaming service Quibi.

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“My heart just explodes when I think of it and see it and the success it has had,” he said. As Bateman has another chance on Sunday, when he is competing for the best actor award for ‘Ozark’. But the Emmy mistake represented a cautionary note for Sunday’s program, which will also be virtual because of the pandemic, but has ambitious plans. More than 100 cameras are being deployed for nominees at home and elsewhere, so that winners can receive the award in real time.


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