Emmy 2020: the best drama series of the year


Succession debuted on HBO in 2018 without drawing much attention, but it only took a few episodes for the audience and critics to look a little more carefully at the series, which managed to show an above average quality from the beginning.

And that was recognized by the main awards of 2020. The 2nd season of Succession won the Golden Globe for Best Drama Series and has now been awarded in seven categories at the 2020 Emmy Awards, including the most desired: Best Drama Series.

Succession is concerned with developing the characters
One of the great strengths of Succession is its characters. The plot follows the Roy family, who owns one of the largest media groups in the world; even rich and powerful, it has great relationship problems among the members, which ends up being reflected in the company, especially when the succession in the leadership of the conglomerate begins to be debated, since the powerful patriarch Logan Roy (Brian Cox) seems to have outdated thoughts regarding the direction of the company in the future.

Thus, sons Kendall, Roman and Shiv start a clash over who should take control.

All characters get relevant time on screen to be developed. Logan shows firmness in his leadership, even with the possible “threat” from his children. Kendall is decisive, bold and focused on power, while Roman is sincere, direct and amusing; Shiv has goals in political life.

Script quality

This character development can be carried out thanks to a brilliant script. All the texts in the series are accurate, nothing is said or shown without purpose, from a shallow speech, which may sound uninteresting, to a more in-depth speech. Even the funny and entertaining moments in the series are punctually relevant.

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The cast is responsible for the show

There is no point in having an excellent script and great characters without a suitable cast. And Succession has. No wonder Brian Cox took the Golden Globe for Best Actor, while Jeremy Strong won the same Emmy award.

The performances can be provocative, aggressive and at the same time captivating. In addition to having a brilliant direction also awarded at the Emmy.


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