Emmy 2020: the best comedy series of the year


At the Emmy 2020 awards night, Schitt’s Creek was the biggest highlight, taking nine awards for both actors and technical production. In Brazil, the comedy series is still little known, but the repercussions generated yesterday (20) made it one of the most talked about subjects on the web.

CBC’s Schitt’s Creek aired its last episode in April 2020, ending six seasons. The series is perfect for those who enjoy a good comedy that opens space to discuss important topics, such as family relationships and representation.

What is Schitt’s Creek about?

Schitt’s Creek shows a wealthy family that ends up losing all its economic power. With that, the only solution is to move inland, and it is from there that the series is developed, focusing on the adaptation process and all the difficulties faced when living in a motel – in an extremely comical way, of course.

An important point of Schitt’s Creek is to approach the LGBTQ + theme with some frequency, bringing representativeness to the production. One of the children of the main couple, David, portrays their sexuality openly and provides debates of great relevance. The character is played by Dan Levy, who was awarded the Emmy 2020 as Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series by Schitt’s Creek.

The best comedy series of 2020 wins the audience for showing situations of conflict between the personality of the ex-rich and the inhabitants of the small town. The shock of reality yields several situations so funny that they are almost embarrassing.

At the Emmy Awards, Schitt’s Creek represented a major milestone for being the comedy series with the most awards received on a single occasion. In Brazil, it is possible to watch the production on the Comedy Central channel, as well as on Net Now and UOL Play.

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If you’re looking for a comedy series and don’t know where to start, how about investing in the most acclaimed production of Emmy 2020?


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