Emma Watson’s boyfriend Leo Robinton identity revealed


The actress maintains a low profile regarding her private life.

Emma Watson rose to fame with the “Harry Potter” saga, since then, the actress has devoted herself to other projects and raise the voice of the woman.

Regarding her love life , Emma is usually very private in that aspect of her life, although over the years she was related to her partner Daniel Radcliffe and a year ago with Tom Felton, but the identity of the boy who stole was finally revealed. your heart.

According to the DailyMail portal, Emma has been dating someone since October 2019. The couple was caught sharing some romantic kisses while taking a stroll through the streets of London.


However, after leaking said photos , the boy decided to close his social networks and keep his identity safe so as not to affect his relationship with Emma , but a source close to the actress revealed that his name is Leo Robinton.

About his profession, it is known that before he dedicated himself to managing a place where some plants considered harmful, but also medicinal were sold.

On social networks there are also photos of Leo, who looks like a red-haired boy with a serious look that includes a beard and glasses. The last time they were seen together, according to Emma’s fans , was on Valentine’s this year. It is not known how long they have been in a relationship or if they have already ended.



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