Emma Watson: Tom Holland in love with her in Harry Potter


Thanks to the Harry Potter saga, Emma Watson will have dreamed of thousands of fans around the world. Like actor Tom Holland!

Emma Watson is one of the most talented actresses of her generation to date. And obviously, Tom Holland is also of this opinion. In an interview with “W”, he said he has been charmed by the star in the past.

Emma Watson is no longer being introduced! Propelled by the “Harry Potter” saga, over the years she has become a key figure in the middle of the 7th art.

If the star has subsequently chained film projects, her fans are still nostalgic for the illustrious character of Hermione Granger.

And we understand them! For nearly 10 years, the actress lent her features to this brilliant witch.

This role obviously changed Emma Watson’s life forever. “I loved the books, I was an absolute fan. And I had this nagging feeling that the role was mine, “she delivered for” Interview Magazine “in 2009.

But also: “I know it sounds crazy, but I knew it from the first audition (…). At the very beginning, they were looking for actors for all the other characters as well. But I always knew I was going there in order to land the role of Hermione.

And to underline: “It came to me so naturally. At that time, maybe there was a lot of myself in her. We were very similar. Obviously, all this terrified my parents (…). They were afraid of what reaction I would have if I didn’t take the part. ”

Emma Watson: Tom Holland in love with her in Harry Potter?


In 2005, Emma Watson delighted her audiences with the 4th saga: “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”. During this feature film, the actress causes a sensation with her sublime evening dress to participate in the famous Christmas ball.

Obviously, comedian Tom Holland remembers that too! For “W” magazine, he admitted to being totally captivated by the beauty of the interpreter Hermione Granger.

“She was wearing that pink dress. It was mind-blowing to me, “said the actor. There is no doubt that these words will please the principal concerned.

Unfortunately for him, Emma Watson is no heart to take! Quite the contrary.

On a daily basis, the young woman does her utmost to protect her secret garden. She also avoids going out in public with her partner.

According to some media, Emma Watson shares the life of a certain Leo Robinton. A few days ago, tabloids announced that they were engaged.

To this day, the actress has never confirmed or refuted these rumors. According to the media “Marie France”, her darling is an American businessman.

In any case for several hours, many media have assured that Emma Watson would like to take a break in her career. Thus allowing him to focus on his private life. Case to follow!


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