Emma Watson: things she refuses to talk about!


Emma Watson is known for her role in Harry Potter. And when she finds her friends. There is one topic she doesn’t want to talk about.

As we know, Emma Watson is very discreet about her private life. You never know if the actress is in a relationship or her everyday life. It must be said that after the Harry Potter saga, the young woman becomes a secret. She doesn’t want to talk about everything in public.

Yet committed to noble causes, the actress prefers to be withdrawn from everyday life. On her social networks, the young woman mainly shares thoughts or causes that she supports with all her heart.

But we must not forget that Emma Watson arrived as a child in the most watched saga on this Earth. She went from an anonymous to a star within a few years. A change that is a bit complicated to endure when it is so sudden. But you have to deal with it.

Rupert Grint told The Sunday Times: “I am eternally grateful to the Harry Potter fans. And I never turn down a selfie but sometimes I miss my anonymity. At least the confinement allowed me to wear a mask. ”


But despite the end of the saga, the three actors remained in contact. So sometimes Emma Watson returns to her former competitions. But during these times, a single topic is not in the discussion. Rupert Grint confided in the same interview.

It’s about celebrity. “If I ever see Daniel Radcliffe or Emma Watson, fame is the one thing we never talk about.” It must be said that the three friends knew each other at a time when they did not even know how famous they were going to become.

It is therefore better to keep your feet on the ground. After ten years of filming with the same people, the breakup is still hard. But a certain affection therefore always remains between the actors.


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