Emma Watson: She looks like Ella Norton copied on TikTok!


American actress Emma Watson and her lookalike Ella Norton inspired a 32-year-old American TikTokeuse, Britney Spears fan.

On Instagram, actress Emma Watson lookalike Ella Norton has gone viral for their likeness. A user on TikTok is inspired by her success!

Be careful, you will see trouble! In the world, we all have a double. Actress Emma Watson could be proud of having found it already!

Indeed, a certain Ella Norton, 17, looks like two drops of water to the one who plays Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter saga. We assure you that is true!

You just have to take a look at her Instagram account to see it. The young woman is the spitting image of the actress! So much so that Ella Norton gained popularity for their likeness.

So, our colleagues from Bored Panda hastened to question him. The student then confided: “I have been told that I have looked like him since I was little. But I never thought I would look like him enough to create a buzz. ”

Because yes, Ella Norton is a huge success! On the social network Reddit, people have fun sticking her photos to that of Emma Watson for comparison.

They all agree that they are one and the same. So, we have to believe that this buzz gave Ella Norton many ideas.


Indeed, Ella Norton could continue to portray this resemblance in the months to come. Its only objective? Rock Emma Watson’s fan base.

“So far, I’ve only really done cosplay Hermione, but I intend to take on the Beauty side of Beauty and the Beast and Meg of Little Women,” she said.

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Before continuing, “I’ve never done professional cosplay before, but I really want to get into it and go to a lot of conventions.”

A story to say the least surprising which greatly inspired a 32-year-old American. On TikTok, the young woman has fun … looking like Britney Spears to meet the same success as Ella Norton.

Thus, the one named Pi DuVal puts herself in the shoes of BriBri to thrill her fans. With effective make-up, mythical costumes such as her red jumpsuit or her flight attendant uniform, the illusion is crazy!

However, Pi Duval refuses to take himself seriously. In fact, she imitates Britney Spears for fun. Unlike Ella Norton, who looks like Emma Watson naturally.

“I grew up listening to you Britney and you have had a huge, positive impact on my life,” said the new TikTok star. It’s time to stop shaming women to be women and let them be themselves. It’s time to support women. “


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