Emma Watson in a relationship with Tom Felton? Rupert Grint balance!


It’s a red thread that deserves a clear. Rupert Grint, Ron’s actor in Harry Potter, has given some details about a rumor that is fizzling. For several years, theories have claimed that Tom Felton (Drago Malfoy) and Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) have come out together. 

It’s a rumor that never ends. After filming the first sons of the Harry Potter saga, rumors claim that Tom Felton, who plays Draco Malfoy and Emma Watson, who plays Hermione Granger, went out together. Theories that have never been confirmed by both actors.

A decade after these rumors, fans still speculate on this alleged couple. They also say it would be too cute because Emma Watson seemed very close to Harry’s enemy. In the scenes cut off from the film, we see them besides, very accomplices. Child at this time, it is possible that this couple was hidden to protect them. But to date, nothing has been confirmed yet.

When interviewed by Entertainment Weekly, Rupert Grint responded to these rumors. “There was always something going on between them, there was a little flame, a spark. But we were children. It was like any kind of youthful love. But today, it is certain that the ex are no longer together.

Indeed, Emma Watson was responding recently. “I am very happy to be alone. I am in a relationship with myself. I call it being ‘self-partner’. Tom Felton seems to follow the same path. I am in the same category, to be honest with you, I am rather very happy to be my own partner. ”

In any case, the two artists share this vision of love. A common point that could bring them together in the future?


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