Emma Watson recalls a Movie role she “Actually fought for”


Emma Watson has worked as an actress for most of her life. When she was only 9 years old, she got the coveted role of Hermione Granger. Watson spent a decade making and promoting eight very successful Harry Potter films. After the end of the franchise, Watson continued to add new films to her resume. The English actor has starred in everything from A24 films like The Bling Ring to historical dramas like Little Women.

Emma Watson Doesn’t Need to Audition for Most Movies

Since Watson’s name is so big, she is usually considered an actor only by suggestion. This means that she can usually bypass many of the auditions that other actors go through. Instead, producers, directors and other industry representatives turn to the Nov graduate with projects. From there, an English actress can usually decide which films she is potentially interested in joining the cast.

The graduate of “Beauty and the Beast” fought for participation in the “Brilliant Ring”

Of course, Watson sometimes has to take on more sought-after roles. So it was when a graduate of Brown University wanted to star in The Bling Ring. In an interview with GQ UK, Watson recalled how she campaigned to play Nicky. The star of the TV series “It’s Good to be quiet” really wanted to work with director Sofia Coppola and play a character who is so different from her.