Emma Watson: she does not believe at all in the fantasy of the ideal couple


Known for her fight alongside the LGBTQ +, Emma Watson attacks the traditional pattern of the ideal couple. She doesn’t believe it and explains why.

No, she doesn’t believe it! According to Emma Watson, the fantasy of the ideal couple does not exist! Besides, the actress does not mince her words when she talks about current romantic relationships!

Questioned by our colleagues from “Teen Magazine” this Tuesday March 31, the pretty brunette of 29 years old exposes her vision on the traditional diagram of the couple. And she explodes it!

“The idea that relationships are supposed to be easy and implicitly understandable, and that you are made for each other, is a con ** rie. It’s impossible, “said the former Harry Potter star.

Besides, Emma Watson does not understand the fantasy of the ideal couple. He does not exist ! In fact, heterosexual couples cannot get along. The reason ? They are not equal according to her!

For the actress, there is no doubt. LBGTQ + relationships are “the healthiest”. At least, they have real discussions and share the tasks. Besides, Emma Watson persists and signs!

“It requires real conversations and an agreement on the division of tasks and responsibilities that perhaps you do not feel the need to have or should need if you follow traditional stereotypes. ”

In short, these relationships “agree on things between them, in opposition to the presuppositions and expectations that one has for them”. Thus, the LGBTQ + community would be much more ahead than heterosexual couples!

According to Emma Watson, who is very committed to the feminist struggle, society should follow the example of LGBTQ + couples. “These relationships are role models that really help,” she says.

The 27-year-old actress still claims to be “in a relationship with herself”. She refuses to be subjected to the pressure imposed on 30 year old women without husbands or children!


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