Emma Watson has changed her hair look many times!


Over the years, Emma Watson has changed a lot in terms of hair. The beauty has opted for many changes of look!

Over the years, Emma Watson has become a truly staple actress. And the least we can say is that she has changed a lot since her debut in Harry Potter. This is also the case in terms of its looks.

In 2001, Emma Watson gained recognition for her role as Hermione Granger in Harry Potter. At that time, the little girl was flaunting herself with long, voluminous blonde hair. Soon after, she showed off with curly hair.

But after her role in the hit saga, Emma Watson opted for many hair changes. And the least that can be said is that all hairstyles really look amazing on her. Her fans validate each time.

In 2010, the young woman decided to destroy her image as a little witch. Shortly after the release of the last Harry Potter film, she totally changed her look. She opted for a sublime boyish cut.

A radical change that really marked the end of her role in Harry Potter. On the other hand, the pretty blonde had to face criticism from some haters. Many struggled with this change of look.

For her part, Emma Watson also loved it. She said on social media, “It’s amazing. I love ! I’ve wanted to do this for years. It’s the most liberating thing I’ve ever done! “.


As reported by our colleagues here, Emma Watson also caused a sensation in 2017, in Paris. She had opted for a low bun. It must be said that updos are clearly her trademark. She adores them.

Emma Watson goes for all styles of bun. To break up the serious side of her hairstyle, she often leaves a few strands falling on her face. And the least we can say is that it really does have a little effect.

With her hair looks, the actress never misses an opportunity to charm her fans. With her thin face and freckles, she is always popular on social media.

It is on her Instagram account that the young woman unveils her new haircuts to the delight of her fans. On the platform, the beauty was also displayed with very short bangs. These are the “baby bangs”.

In the comments, several fans of the actress had not hesitated to compliment her. One thing is certain, it was unanimous and a sensation among its subscribers. This cut had also become fashionable with many stars.

Now Emma Watson is also showing off with long, blonde Venetian hair!


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