Emma Watson has always been very attracted to bad boys!


Emma Watson is talking about her. His love stories intrigue Internet users. She even admits to having had a weakness for bad boys.

Emma Watson is a star star. Fans of the young woman are very curious. Besides, her love life is very intriguing. Now she admits having been drawn to bad boys.

Emma Watson is a big movie star. Over time, she has therefore become an essential actress. Indeed, her role of Hermione Granger made an impression at that time.

From an early age, the Harry Potter star was in the spotlight. Not easy to live with then.

And yet, Emma Watson tried to live the life of a young woman lambda. So, she did not stop studying. Not bad !

In addition, the pretty actress tries to remain discreet about her private life. His fans are therefore in search of the slightest scoop. It must be said that it is complicated to get information on the beauty.

In fact, Daniel Radcliffe’s great friend wanted to reveal a little more about it. She then gives details about her sexuality. And the least we can say is that the young woman amazed the Web.

Emma Watson also confides in her romantic past. She even admits to having been attracted to bad boys.


The beautiful Emma Watson has therefore lifted the veil on many mysteries. Even though her sexuality is no longer a secret. The movie star remains very discreet about her romantic relationships.

Today very happy in love, she has not had a very simple love life. Like many elsewhere.

Hermione Granger’s interpreter then seems to have the perfect love affair with Leo Robinton. The rumor even announces an engagement for the two lovebirds.

And this great love story, Emma Watson took a long time to live it. And for good reason, she admits not having made the right choices in her past in love.

In 2014, the 30-year-old actress opened up in an interview for ELLE. She then explains that she had a great attraction for bad boys. Not easy then.

During the filming of Charlie’s World, the actress was struck by a line, “We accept the love we think we deserve. This sentence thus made Emma Watson think a lot.

She then explains, “I guess it resonated with me. That sentence was sort of an awareness where I was like ‘Okay I have a responsibility to myself’.

Thus, these words allowed Emma Watson to question herself. And it looks like the impact is huge.

Moreover, it is not impossible that the beautiful actress will soon announce her engagement to the chosen one of her heart. To be continued.


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