Emma Watson has a duo on social networks!

New buzz on the web for Emma Watson fans! On Instagram, her double is discovered and the resemblance is more than striking !!

Shock! Our favorite Harry Potter actress Emma Watson apparently has an Instagram doppelganger that looks like two drops of water!

Celebrity demands, Emma Watson never stops talking about her. Known and renowned around the world for her acting skills, the young woman does not go unnoticed!

It is also followed on the networks by thousands of fans every day! And while fans dream of meeting the star in real life, they console themselves by discovering her double! Shock!

Did you know that each person has a one in 135 chance of having a doppelganger in the world who lives with us? Emma Watson is therefore no exception to the rule.

Indeed, we’ve watched the 30-year-old British star grow up from her first leading role in the original Harry Potter film in 2001. But at the same time, Kari Lewis, 31, was growing up in the United States and was recognized as Hermione Granger. ! So look at the resemblance:


Some time ago, fans discovered the Emma Watson lookalike! Kari Lewis aka kariellex on Instagram is making the buzz and is already followed by more than 34,000 subscribers!

When she was recently interviewed for Marie Claire magazine, Kari Lewis spoke about the first time she was recognized as the Emma Watson lookalike: “I was approached by a couple of young girls in an office. post and they called me Hermione. I didn’t recognize the name, so I went home and searched. It was around the time of the release of the first Harry Potter film. »She confides to us.

It’s crazy ! Kari Lewis is double the star! Besides Emma Watson and Kari Lewis both grew up at the same time and rumors have it Lewis has looked like the actress since she was little.


Comparing several photos at different ages, the fans are therefore unanimous! This is her spitting image!

Kari Lewis likes the fact that she looks like one of the most recognizable stars in the world and therefore loves to dress up. On her Instagram account, she is therefore often seen wearing the school uniform of Gryffindor and therefore Hermione Granger.

But that’s not all ! Since 2017, Kari Lewis has also disguised herself in public as Hermione Granger.

In real life, she works as a teaching assistant. And besides, she likes more than anything to dress up like the star. She even won cash for her perfect portrayal of Watson’s role at Disney in Beauty and the Beast!



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