Emma Watson happy to hit Tom Felton?


Emma Watson often tells anecdotes about Harry Potter. She then keeps very fond memories of the day she hit Tom Felton.

The beautiful Emma Watson is very nostalgic for her Harry Potter years. She vividly remembers the day she hit Tom Felton. Besides, she really loved it.

Emma Watson is very famous. Since the start of Harry Potter, the young actress has been in the spotlight. And this from an early age.

And for good reason, the success of the film then projected the young woman on the front of the stage. Beyond her acting talent, she is also a great activist.

Indeed, Emma Watson shows her determination. She then fought for gender equality. So she seems ready for anything.

Today, therefore, she continues to stand out. She is always accompanied by her loyal fans. And yes, since Harry Potter his community has not stopped growing. Not bad !

In fact, Emma Watson takes the time to tell a lot of filming anecdotes. It must be said that for the first Harry Potter, the actress and her friends were very young. So, during all these years, the actors have been through a lot.

The interpreter of Hermione Granger came back to a hilarious story. She admits to having loved slapping Tom Felton.

Emma Watson happy to have punched Tom Felton in Harry Potter?


The famous actress is therefore on all fronts. Since the end of Harry Potter, Emma Watson’s career is far from over. And for good reason, it is very present in the cinema.

In short, she is now a real star. Besides, her friend and colleague Tom Felton seems very appreciative of the path taken by the beautiful brunette.

Since their first meeting on Harry Potter, the two actors have forged great bonds. Over time, they have therefore become true friends in life. What to impress everyone then.

And yet, Emma Watson admits that she took great pleasure in slapping the young boy. Despite this beautiful friendship, she therefore loved to play this scene. This anecdote should therefore make all fans of the saga laugh.

Indeed, in the Prisoner of Azkaban, Hermione punches Draco Malfoy a big punch. Several years later, Emma Watson returns to this passage.

In an interview, she explains, “I loved every second. Girl power, that was great! I would have done it for a whole week but we had a few takes. I wanted to do it again, it was fantastic and it was a great moment. ”

She then adds, “It was cool, I hope I did my character justice because it’s my favorite book and it’s such a big moment for her in the third installment. ”

Thus, Emma Watson seems to have really good memories with Tom Felton. So she might be telling new anecdotes. To be continued.


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