Emma Watson feared her roles in Beauty and the Beast


Emma Watson has a great track record and can therefore be proud. But it was not always easy, especially in his last Disney film!

It’s not always easy to be an actress. Emma Watson can attest to this, both for her role in Beauty and the Beast (Disney) and in Harry Potter.

A star since her childhood, Emma Watson has always given herself 100% in each of her roles. Enough to delight his large and loyal community of fans, who adore him!

The latter were able to see the greatness of her work in the Disney film Beauty and the Beast, released in 2017. Indeed, it was not always easy for the actress.

Remember, one of the scenes shows the famous dance in the great hall between the young woman and Dan Stevens playing the Beast. This streak proved difficult to pull off as it scared Emma Watson.

Dan indeed confided that he frightened Emma Watson for a rather particular reason: “She is an excellent dancer but she was terrified at the idea that I would break her toes because of these machines that I was wearing”, had- he told in an interview with Pop Corn with Peter Travers.

“Fortunately, we learned to dance on the floor. As I always tell my kids, if you think you can fly, always try taking off from the ground. So we learned this dance on the ground and then we ended up succeeding with these stilts ”. So a delicate moment! However, the result had seduced everyone!


Being an actress is not easy. Beyond Beauty and the Beast, Emma Watson also had some highlights while filming the second installment of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows.

The one who played the role of Hermione Granger for years certainly has wonderful memories and made some real friendships with her various co-stars. But she also had a very difficult time, as she herself confessed in an interview for Collider in 2010.

At the time, Emma Watson spoke about the difficulties encountered: “There were days when I was in tears in front of David Yates (the director). Being cold and being wet all the time uses so much energy, it’s really exhausting. And trying to do a good performance when you feel miserable and want to fall asleep… I begged him on some days. And he was just saying it makes you so much better when you look more vulnerable. It’s so much more real, you are heroes but at the same time you look like this… ‘. And he’s right, it looks great on screen. We look like those scruffy, improbable heroes. So it works, but my God, there were days when I just wanted to kill him.

From now on, you will never watch his films the same way again!


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