Emma Stone is going to stop being a single woman. Her boy, the scriptwriter and director of Saturday Night Live, Dave McCary, has asked her to marry on these pre-Christmas dates that make us so young and she has said yes. Hence, he already has on his finger the impressive engagement ring he has given him.

The couple met when she was invited to the program in which he works, one of the most iconic night shows in the United States. Theirs was a crush that made them start their relationship in 2016 after she starred in a sketch that her future husband had created.


They were very discreet and have not generated many headlines at this time. In fact, their relationship was not confirmed until a year later, in summer 2017 when she attended the premiere of Brigsby Bear, the first film of her fiance. Already in 2018 they began to show in both public and private events but did not pose together on a red carpet until this year at the SAG Awards.

Last summer, in an interview with Elle, the actress already made it clear that she was ready to take this step in her personal life. “My perspective on children has changed as I grew up. I never looked after children or anything like that. When I was a teenager, I thought I would never get married, I would never have children. And then I got older and I thought, I really want to get married, I really want to have children “he explained back then.

Cary had to read that interview and take it for granted and now he has launched himself to ask him the big question that because of the smile that both look on the selfie they have shared on his Instagram (remember that she has no account), he has Made very happy. This image and some hearts have been enough to give the news, there were plenty of words.


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