Emma Stone breaks silence about her mom’s cancer


Beautiful actress Emma Stone decided to talk about her mom’s cancer and how it changed her life.

Dealing with the illness of a close relative can change the life perspective of those who accompany a loved one in these difficult moments, Emma Stone understands that very well, who was recently awarded the Gilda Radner Award at Gilda’s Club NYC, which recognizes the altruistic work of celebrities.

But this award is not accidental, in her speech of thanks, the leading actress of Lalaland shared that the cancer suffered by her mother, Krista Stone, was what motivated her to always be willing to help others.

Emma Stone broke the silence

The nonprofit of the same name supports people living with cancer, and Emma Stone has been an ambassador for Gilda’s Club since 2012.

“I was 19 when my mom was diagnosed with cancer and the idea of ​​trying to understand that, especially when I was little… Knowing that at Gilda’s Club, kids can have fun and go to summer camp and enjoy time with other kids to understand what they’re going through, it’s absolutely incredible, “said Emma.

This is undoubtedly only part of the great effort that the actress has made to remain in solidarity with people who suffer from this disease, she has participated in numerous campaigns, one of them starring with Krista, in addition to running races with a cause for a long time.

“This race is very close to my heart”, Stone

“Like so many others, I have had cancer cases close to me in my life, so this race is very close to my heart. It is an honor to be a part of this event,” Stone commented a few years ago.

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On the professional level, Emma couldn’t be in a better time; Soon she will be seen in the skin of one of the great Disney villains, Cruela Devil, in the live action that the company prepares of 101 Dalmatians.



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