Emma Heming “trying to Be Better than I Can Be” amid Bruce Willis’ Battle with Aphasia: “I’m not doing it perfectly”


Trying his best. Emma Heming Willis spoke about the importance of taking care of herself while caring for her husband Bruce Willis during his struggle with aphasia.

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“Someone recently told me that when you over-care about someone, you end up not taking enough care of yourself,” the 43-year—old model shared in her Instagram story on Tuesday, June 7, adding: “When you put everyone’s needs above your own, no one wins. I’m not doing it perfectly, but I’m really trying to be the best I can be for the people I love and adore.”

In March, the 67-year-old “Armageddon” star and his family announced in a joint statement that he was retiring from cinema after being diagnosed with aphasia. “As a family, we wanted to inform Bruce’s wonderful supporters that our beloved Bruce has had some health problems, and recently he was diagnosed with aphasia, which affects his cognitive abilities,” the statement, which was also signed by Bruce’s former partner, said. Demi Moore’s wife and the three children he shares with her, Rumer, Scout, Talulla — read. “As a result of this and with great attention, Bruce is giving up a career that meant so much to him.”

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They continued: “This is a really difficult time for our family and we are very grateful to you for your unwavering love, compassion and support. We are going through this as a strong family and wanted to attract his fans because we know how much he means to you, as you do to him.”

Last month, Emma, who shares 10-year-old Mabel and 8-year-old Evelyn with the “Die Hard” star, admitted that becoming the primary guardian of her husband and children had a negative impact on her own health. “I put my family’s needs above my own, which I’ve found doesn’t make me any kind of hero,” she said during an interview with The Bump. “So much caring for everyone in my family has affected my mental health and overall health. And it didn’t help anyone in my family.”

Noticing how she neglects herself, the “Perfect Stranger” actress tried to become a “mother” with the help of exercises. “It’s a time when I can switch off and do something that I know makes me feel good,” she explained at the time. “I think it’s important to find that one thing that makes you feel good and build on it.”

Every member of Bruce’s extended family did their best to support him and Emma in his ongoing health struggle. “He’s happy to have them on hand,” a source told Us Weekly in April, adding that “they all work together, and that’s the main thing.”

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“Emma, the girls and Demi are united in being there for Bruce and providing him with the best possible treatment,” the insider continued. “Fortunately, he is extremely self-sufficient at the moment. They don’t take anything for granted, but a balance is needed, because he wants it to be solved with a minimum of fuss, and selflessly strives to cope with what he can.”